How Food Delivery Services have changed through the years

Sydney Food delivery scooter

How food delivery has change through the years

Here at Scooturu Rentals Sydney, we dived into the food delivery service because we saw a gap in the market for good and reliable scooters for Sydney’s food delivery drivers. Over the years we have seen the food delivery business change so much.

Lets take a trip down memory lane.

In the 90’s we would open the bottom junk draw and ruffle through a few different pamphlets from the local takeaway stores, then call them on the home telephone attached to the wall. Then you’d proceed to cut out the coupon from the brochure (get a free garlic bread with your 2 large pizza’s). 30 minutes later the driver would turn up to your door where you would hand him the exact amount of money – maybe with a tip, then you’d proceed to the family dinner table (or the couch) and sort out who ordered who with hope the order is correct.
Fast forward to now. Where we have the ability to order a variety of cuisines from our fingertips – from anywhere. Many order online, and now with COVID19, we don’t even need to see the delivery driver – they can just drop the food off at the door and your phone will ping. Dinner is sorted.

With the advancement of technology, the food delivery service has grown to a multi billion dollar business. This is why we got in the market and why we will continue to be Sydney’s number one scooter rental service.

Published: Sunday 17 October 2021