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Suzuki address 110cc

Marketed as the ‘all-rounder’, the Suzuki Address 110cc is the ultimate fuel-efficient, and luxurious ride. With an engine capacity of 110cc and a 5.2L fuel tank, the 110 is the ideal rental scooter for all your business and leisure needs.

Featuring a 20L utility compartment and considerable underseat storage, this bike is made to ride with you, accommodating for all your aesthetic needs, whilst maintaining reliable performance.

With a sleek body, it’s hard to ignore the sophistication this ride provides, all the while conserving your dollars for what really counts.

Suzuki Address – The perfect rental Scooter for Melbourne & Sydney.

Why do we provide only the Suzuki Address?

By providing the one model of scooter, this enables us to provide superior service and convenience like no other. This includes, but is not restricted to:

Free delivery to your doorstep
Free pickup once your rental period has ended
A large range of parts on hand ready to service your scooter
Mobile servicing that enables us to send a mechanic to you for regular servicing at a time that is convenient to you

We are confident that the Suzuki address is perfectly suited to getting around the streets of Sydney on your scooter, and is the perfect solution to your Menulog or UberEats rental scooter needs.

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Suzuki Address 110 Specifications

Displacement: 113cc
Engine: Single-cylinder, air-cooled, SOCH
Front Brakes: Disc
Front Suspension: Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Rear Brakes: Drum
Rear Suspension:
Link type, coil spring, oil damped
Fuel Capacity: 5.2L
Height: 1095mm
Length: 1845mm
Model Code: UK110NEM0
Seat Height: 755mm
Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Wet Weight: 97Kg
Wheelbase: 1260mm
Width: 665mm