Food Panda and Scooters!

Scooter with Food panda

Within bustling Asian city, the delivery of food has always been somewhat difficult. Sometimes hours in traffic for just a simple 20-minute drive downtown for a coffee or a lunch break. Even then walking is somewhat of a challenge as there are people everywhere bustling about. Unlike the Western countries where congestion isn’t an hourly matter, the various Asian countries needed a solution. So, Food Panda was born. About eight years ago the world witnessed the dawn of the online food industries and so in 2012 founders Benjamin Bauer and Ralf Wenzel created Food panda and eventually was sold and expanded into the markets of southeast Asia, then in Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos and now in Japan since September 2020. At the heart of this world leading food delivery service are the use of the scooter. Using the colour pink and their logo of the face of the panda, those busy and chaotic streets are now interceded by scooters.

Their efficiency has increased the connection and growth of the local restaurants. As customers enter their post codes endless menus flood their screens and soon a scooter is whizzing towards them in a matter of minutes. Without this vehicle millions of people would be without a job in a booming industry that holds a high demand after partnering with hundreds of small business owners to deliver their food. The Scooter is fitted with a thermal bag, two sets of uniforms a g cash card helmet and led lights for their applicants this new convenient approach covering more areas than ever before.

Published: Sunday 12 December 2021