Rental scooters, food delivery & your business

sydney rental food delivery scooter

Will your business benefit from a home delivery service using a rental scooter?

Home delivery has become a must have for business in 2021, and a rental scooter is the cost effective way to shift you business with the growing trends. Will your business benefit? In short, yes. And this is why:

  • Home delivery services have grown a whopping 43.8% since 2016
  • This year so far, the home delivery service has bought in $847 million dollars in revenue
  • In the year 2020, 4 million Australians used a home delivery service
  • The convenience of using apps and websites to order food has played a huge influence in this growth. Companies such as UberEats have been at the forefront of app development for a number of years.

If the above has you convinced that adding a delivery service to your business – then its time to consider a rental Scooter as the easiest and most efficient way to do this.

Scooters are not only fuel efficient but an easy way for your business to deliver items. With the current climate of COVID affecting many business, offering a home delivery service is a vital component of a successful business – as you can still trade with your doors shut.

If you want to talk more about how our scooter rentals can benefit your business, contact us today – or if you are ready, you can book a Sydney rental scooter online and instantly!

Published: Sunday 5 September 2021