Why you should give your scooter rental ago with Deliveroo



We love this company for the ease that the drivers have to work – you literally login to their app within their opening hours and say your available then you pick which deliveries you want to make. How simple!

Why else:

-The team at Deliveroo offer around the clock support to all their drivers in case of an accident or any other support you may need
-They offer very competitve fees for each delivery and you also have the opportunity to earn and keep an tips from customers
– You can work when ever you want! Take advantages of the peak times
– They offer safety equipment and FREE accident cover when you’re on the road
– Free uniform
and our absolute favorite
– You can get paid whenever you want ! Just using the app you can withdraw any money you earn when ever you need

Ok – enough about the great working conditions, here is a short back story on Deliveroo.

CEO and founder Will Shu loved the London food seen but not that fact that many of his favorite restaurants didn’t deliver. He made it his personal mission to bring the best restaurants of London and then around the world right to your door step! Since then Deliveroo has seen a 650 per cent increase year on year.

They also value their staffs work rights around the world as Shu states “Deliveroo cares about our riders, and that’s why we were the first on-demand company to call for an end to the trade-off between flexibility and security that currently exists in employment law. We want to work with Governments in all countries to make this happen”.

With such a flexible work life work balance why not use you Scooturu scooter rental and try your luck by working from them!

Published: Sunday 26 December 2021