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Door dash Delivery services have become the new instant, from the comfort of everyone’s home. Just one click away door dash began with one mission to enable delivery for every mission. At the heart of this mission is a vehicle that has manoeuvred the company in a positive direction, the scooter. A method transportation that has provided an industry that leads the next generation into an efficient method of food delivery services.

Before the introduction of scooters, the dash to your doors began in small macaroon store in 2012 over a discussion and a pamphlet full of orders. In retrospect to a growing business this woman was delivering all these orders herself. Door Dash was born out of the hearts of four men who desired to help solve this predicament. The predicament being that there were not enough drivers out there to deliver food. 200 interviews later with small business owners from San Mateo to mountain view the same issue arose deliveries were painful outside the bid cities and henceforth these four men went from University students by day to delivery drivers by night; and so began the dash.
It wasn’t just its culture and vision, but the institution of Scooters. From door to door, a car hinders the ability to arrive fast and quick, stuck in traffic jams, travelling long distances with over tired and stressed-out employee drivers. With a scooter, the ideal is achieved. Efficiency, productivity, less work and therefore more time for employees in between call outs to rest, instant services to your door, a more stable mode of transport to prevent food spillage and the like.

So, what can a simple scooter achieve, well the Statistics speak for themselves. Today they have reached their seed round of 2.4 million dollars with investors which include Khosla Ventures (Keith Rabois — former COO of Square, Yelp Board member), Charles River Ventures (Saar Gur), SV Angel, Paul Buchheit (Creator of Gmail), Pejman Mar Ventures (Pejman Nozad), Andy Rachleff (co-founder of Benchmark), and Russell Siegelman (former KPCB partner and looking to expand further. In 2020 Door Dash won an award for the best company work life balance and again in 2019 for the best company work life balance.

Employees working at door dash have expressed the incredible flexibility of the service and that a Scooter makes all the difference, covering a small area and answering client orders in a timelier manner. So the action of the scooter is enough for every employee to grab one. It not only enhances the company’s revenue and helps small business owners reaching more cliental, but it also provides a safer and more holistic approach for the well-being of its employees.
So jump on board and hire a scooter, there is no faster to way to deliver the best results.

Published: Sunday 9 January 2022