Scooters for the win!


In the past ten years, the reality of food delivery services has skyrocketed and today we make way for the home delivery service apps and companies. As drivers have increased, job employment rates have risen and cars have been used, methods of transport have become a key identifier of assisting effective deliveries for various companies such as Door Dash and Hey you. Scooters have become for Door Dash anyway the preferred method of transport. But why this preference? Door Dash has taken on 100,000 new restaurants across the US and therefore more drivers are required. The E Scooter allows more deliveries over a small geographical area in contrast to a 10-mile drive in a car. So, the Scooter offers a shorter distance ride allowing more deliveries to be made in a day it also reduces the time looking for a car space or waiting in traffic. On an e- bike or scooter you can zip in and out of the lanes or slide into a small spot in a car park avoiding longer wait times for items and therefore deliveries become more efficient.

For delivery drivers, this means that for time they spend delivering the food/drinks for people, the more worthwhile their time is as tasks are completed quickly, they don’t have to walk long distances, they can park their scooter at the front door of services or locations and their exhaustion levels are diminished. Taking extra shifts never felt easier and will increase the income due to harder work for longer periods of time.

Uber eats drivers have now even been equipped with balance systems that protect the food and prevent spillage.

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Published: Sunday 23 January 2022