Why Choose Scooturu? The Suzuki Address is why!


Scooturu is Sydney’s number 1 scooter rental service for food and drink delivery. At Scooturu we are able to provide affordable and reliable scooter rental service to all Sydney UberEats, Menulog Deliveroo and other food delivery companies/drivers. With Sydney-siders spending a huge $1950 per year per person (the highest in Aus), it is vital to have a cost-effective and dependable vehicle at your disposale.

We pride ourselves on our fleet of vehicles – and we keep it simple, but just choosing the most reliable and cost effective scooter on the market – the Suzuki Address 110cc. Having only one type of scooter available allows us to maintain and service at any time (we even do mobile servicing if there’s any urgent issues), keep costs low as we know the vehicle and also offer door to door delivery and pickup! These features allow you to concentrate on your job and leave all vehicle needs to us!

A little more about the Suzuki address 110cc….

This scooter’s 113c engine delivers great acceleration and excellent fuel efficiency. The optimized valve angle and intake port design with the clever fuel injection system, advanced camshaft and roller rocker make this scooter not only powerful and economical but also very quiet.

The scooter has two front pockets, covered key with seat opener (to reduce theft), under seat storage and controlled combustion, the Suzuki address 110c is the perfect scooter to make any delivery.

It makes sense for you to start driving with one of Scooturu’s vehicles, what with Sydney-siders ordering food delivery at least once a week, and the food delivery service contributing 12% of the 44 billion dollars in restaurant revenue per year!

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Published: Wednesday 22 September 2021